Is a Private Office right for you?

iQ Private Offices are ideal for teams and solo professionals looking for a secure space and absolute privacy, accessible 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Typical Private Office clients include satellite offices for large corporations, well-funded startups, small businesses, and professional service providers.

Designed to impress

We know how important it is to leave a good impression on your team and clients, and coming into work every day should make you feel inspired. That’s why we put time and attention into the design of all our spaces, making for an impressive experience for you and your team.

Absolute privacy

Just because you’re in a shared space, doesn’t mean you can’t have privacy. Our offices are equipped with frosted glass walls, quality insulation, sound attenuation devices, and a private V-LAN network for each member company.

Simple agreement

One of the biggest advantages that iQ offers is that we get you set up and operational within hours, as opposed to months. Instead of a 60+ page commercial lease, our clients review and execute a simple license agreement which outlines all terms and conditions of our space and the building.

Turn-key office space

Instead of having to invest in your own furniture and source many different suppliers for critical business infrastructure (such as internet, phones, printers & copiers, etc) we provide those items as part of your membership. Joining iQ frees you from the administration of a traditional office space and enables you to focus on what it is that you do best – your business!

Flexible space and commitments

iQ Private Offices range from single-person suites to 30+ person team rooms. In addition to terms as short as three months, we offer the flexibility to move around our space into different workspace solutions based on your company’s individual needs. You can expand or reduce the size of your office, enabling you to scale your space expenses in proportion to your growth, preventing you from paying for space that you don’t need.

Access to premium ammenities

One of the benefits of using a shared office environment is that you get access to premium on-site amenities for a fraction of the cost of traditional leases. Our locations are equipped with meeting rooms, kitchens, fitness facilities, bike storage, sit/stand desks, snacks, filtered/sparking water, unlimited coffee and tea, and that’s just the beginning.

Best possible locations

All our locations are situated in the heart of the central business district of the cities we are in. That means you get access to public transit, local shopping, restaurants, and other local businesses to make everything convenient for you.

Schedule a Tour

Schedule a tour or contact us directly to find out how iQ can benefit you and your business.